A History of Shea Butter
About Dr. Amikole
Amikole's Baby Shea Butter (Blue Chamomile Shea Butter)
Amikole's Chocolate Royale Shea Butter (jasmine and rose)
Amikole's Embark Shea Butter (Frankincense and Vetiver Shea Butter)
Amikole's Lavender Shea Butter (Lavender Shea Butter)
Amikole's Lavender Shea Oil
Amikole's Lemon-Mint Shea Butter (lemongrass and peppermint)
Amikole's Rejuvenating Shea Butter-Salt Scrub
Amikole's Rosemary Shea Oil
Amikole's Shea Oil
Amikole’s Blossoming Rose Shea Butter (Rose, Lavender, and Citrus Shea Butter)
Amikole’s Chocolate Shea Butter (Cocoa Butter - Shea Butter)
Amikole’s Hair Shea Butter (Rosemary Shea Butter)
Amikole’s Ice Shea Butter (Peppermint Shea Butter)
Amikole’s Invigorating Shea Butter-Salt Scrub
Amikole’s Love Shea Butter (Jasmine Shea Butter)
Amikole’s Shea Butter
Assuring Orange Blossom Blast 4oz. (orange blossom water, geranium, and bergamot)
Blossoming Rose Shea Oil
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Frankincense and Vetiver Shea Oil
Languid Lavender Blend (lavender, geranium and bergamot)
Lavender in Rose Water (rose water and lavender)
Lavender Mini Shea Butter
Mini Shea Butters
Plain Mini Shea Butter
Refreshing Rosemary Lift - Orange Blossom (orange blossom water, rosemary, lavender, geranium)
Refreshing Rosemary Lift - Rose (rosemary, lavender and geranium)
Sadimama's Essentials Aromatherapy Spray & Body Mist
Scintillating Sage Spray (distilled water and sage)
Shea Butter Benefits and Suggested Uses
Shea Butter Product Info
Shea Butter Testimonials
Shea Butter-Salt Scrubs
Shea Butters
Shea Oils
Tea Tree and Lemon Aid (orange blossom water, tea tree, lemon)
Uplifting Peppermint Treat (peppermint and eucalyptus)
Uplifting Spearmint Treat (spearmint and peppermint)