Shea Butter Testimonials

Shea Butter Testimonials
Please send me a testimonial of how Shea Butter has changed your life:

I have ONLY use Amikole's Lavender Butter for all my skin care needs ever since Amikole first created it, over 15 years ago. I would never dream of using anything else on my face. I have used it on my belly when I was pregnant, and now my daughter knows to use it every time she bathes or washes her face or hands. I use Amikole's Lavender Butter not only as a moisturizer, but also on cuts, rashes and blemishes. I find that it is excellent for alleviating scars. Here is a fantastic product. Everyone I have introduced it to has simply loved it. As they should. -Lata Kennedy (

I've been using this on my face daily for the past 10 years. It's a miracle! -Rebecca, Colorado

Amikole, your product is healing me! During the winter my hands were always dry and cracked, but since using your shea butter, they feel soft and smooth and smell great! Within minutes of applying to my hands, my skin absorbs the butter and feels fabulous. This is truly a quality natural product at a great price that I plan on using religiously. Thank you! - Laura T., New York City

The shea oil is amazing! My hands and feet usually crack in the winter, but now my feet actually are soft and normal looking. And the oil absorbs and doesn't leave an oily residue. I'm glad I discovered your shea products. - Carol, Rockport, MA

Amikole Shea butters are a multipurpose, healing combination of natural products for complex skin conditions. As a mixed race woman, I've been searching for healthier skin products that can ease skin irritations and scarring. I use Amikole Shea butters on my skin, lips, scalp, and in my hair. For the first time, my skin and scalp feel healthier. I recommended Amikole products to friends and family who are pregnant, who have eczema, low skin moisture, and to those who have exhausted time and resources on a plethora of lotions and creams that do not come close to yielding the results that Amikole products do. I highly recommend Amikole products - Rekia, Berkeley, CA

Over the past five years I have tried a variety of shea butter products including shea butter in its unrefined state, which is a bit more yellow and has a deep smell to it. I started using Amikole's because she uses a filtration system that is completely natural while retaining the original proprieties of the butter. I am also committed to supporting women's initiatives that show a commitment to nature's resources. I have been using Amikole's shea butter for 3 years now and I highly recommend it. It feels great in the skin, hair, mind and heart. -Marga, New York City

I love this shea butter! I use it from head to toe - to twist and moisturize my locks, to soothe and moisturize my face, and to massage my feet after yoga class. As a product junkie, albeit recently reformed, it has become by far the best product and shea I’ve ever used. I particularly like how Amikole’s Shea Butter has been gently refined, mainly for smell, but retains all of its beneficial and medicinal properties. My skin just glows (blemish free) and my locs are incredibly soft and moisturized. I plan to travel to several places around the globe this year – including Costa Rica and India. I’m glad I’ll be able to replace in my luggage most of my usual “little bottles of beauty” with one great little jar of Amikole’s Shea Butter. Can’t wait to try the Love Butter and Hair Butter. -Tonya, Memphis, TN

I love your shea butter! I have used it during my pregnancy as the only thing I could tolerate on my skin and it worked great relieving dryness and itchiness due to the continuous stretching of the skin... I wish I have discovered your Blossom Butter at the beginning of my pregnancy not only in the last trimester! It's great at relieving skin irritation as well! And my baby loves it too! She uses :) Baby Butter after each bath and she smells so nice afterwards and her skin is so smooth and soft, plus she enjoys the massage that comes with it. Thanks again - Ana-Maria, Greenbelt, MD

I have used other shea butters in the past, but I was completely impressed with Amikole's butter products and how smooth and nice smelling they are! The butter rubs in quickly and moisturizes my skin all day! I've yet to find a product that has helped my dry feet and skin like this shea butter! I have fallen in love with the Ice Butter as its soothing smell puts me into a calming peaceful deep sleep! And I should mention that Amikole is a great lady to work with, great communication, fast shipping and packaged in high quality glass jars. I live north of the border and shipping goes smoothly through Customs, so fellow Canadians no worries here! I won't be looking anywhere else for my supply! I'm almost due for my next order of Ice Butter! Thank you Amikole!! - Gwen, Ontario, Canada

After the first day of use, I am hooked on Amikole's Shea Butter. As a massage therapist, my hands have been exposed to so many kinds of products. Unfortunately, my skin has developed an allergy to a common preservative called "parabens". Anything containing said preservative is a "second-degree burn in a bottle" to me. I have lost all the skin on both hands from severe contact dermatitis to this ingredient. It takes 7 weeks for my skin to fully heal from the slightest exposure. I had a small outbreak on my index finger and within the first day of use of Amikole's Chocolate Butter, there was been a remarkable progress in healing. I adore the feel of the shea butter and am giving it away as Christmas presents. I highly recommend it to anyone. - Janine, Alameda, California

I love your shea butters so much I just wanted to write and thank you for making them. I inherited extremely sensitive skin from my mother and could never put any thing on my face without it burning or causing a rash, even all natural products would cause a reaction. I use your shea butter every day with no problem on my face, body, and hair and it even made fine lines around my eyes disappear. I've recommended your shea butter to all my friends and even got my mother, the ultimate skeptic and queen of hypersensitive skin, using it too! I highly recommend it to anyone especially those with sensitive skin or chemical sensitivity. Thank you! -Andrea, Philadelphia, PA

My ex-roommate moved out almost a year ago and the shea oil remained in my medicine cabinet. One day about three months ago i used it on my face and felt so refreshed. Afterwards on my feet due to dryness and it worked wonders. Now i use it on my entire body. Im in love!!!!! Best thing someone has left behind. Julie, Bronx, NY