Dr. Amikole’s Shea Butter Product Information

Shea Butter Product Info
Shea Butter is a versatile, safe, and natural beauty cream that is used widely in Africa and France for hundreds of years. However, Shea Butter has only recently gained recognition in the United States for its moisturizing and healing properties. Within the last ten years, Shea Butter has gained a preeminent status as the best natural skin care product available.

I first began creating Shea Butter products in 1990. My intent was to create a skin care line that was 100% natural by using only plant based ingredients that would be safe for the skin and the planet. And Shea Butter was to be the primary ingredient.

In 1998, with the assistance of my then one-year-old daughter, Amikole's Shea Butter blossomed into a full scale business. More than 10 years, and two children later, Amikole's Shea Butter products have held true to my original ideal and can be found in stores and homes around the world.

And now I am excited to announce that my Shea Butter has just been certified ORGANIC by USDA standards (certification of organic status can be provided upon request), meaning no chemicals have been used to during the growing of the Shea Butter nuts or to extract the Shea Butter from the nuts using cold press technology. And, all of my Shea Butter products are made by hand with organic Shea Butter, herbs, and essential oils.

I am indebted to a number of faithful customers and personal testimonials which have validated all of the healing and medicinal properties of Shea Butter that I originally heard from African vendors and botanical references. Indeed, Shea Butter is a truly wonderful healing emollient that should be used in abundance for all skin types, skin problems, and muscle aches. Enjoy!!!

A History of Shea Butter
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